Day 18 – Watching Swifts 

This evening we went to friends to watch the swifts over their garden. They live on the edge of Bristol and every year swifts come back and nest in their loft – they get in through a small hole under the roof tiles. It doesn’t affect the house at all, but many others in the area have sealed up these little holes and the numbers of swifts seems to have declined. It’s always a bit of a nail biter as we come up to spring – will they arrive? Will they still come and nest in the loft?

My friend has a camera set up on the nest in the loft but it was too dark to see the chick, although we could see it moving, and hear it calling for food. So, as we hermetically seal our houses up the technology enables us to get much closer to nature much more easily. A shame. If you want to watch some swift chicks that you can see check out the swift cam at the Oxford Museum of Natural History
*nb – I couldn’t manage a swift photo so got these goldfinches sitting on next door’s aerial watching the swifts. Maybe 🙂


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