Day 9 – Gull time

I don’t know why but I’m always a bit surprosed to find that gulls build nests just like any other birds – although if this one on the roof of my workplace is anything to go by, they’re not very good at it. I only noticed it yesterday as its in a different part of the building from me, but it’s kind of exciting to see right outside your window. I have no idea if one of the eggs hatched + fledged – the one on the nest certainly hasn’t. Apparently there are 2500 nesting pairs of gills in Bristol – either Herring or Lesser Black Back. I know the dawn chorus round our way consists almost entirely of seagulls calling, but I guess it’s better than no birds at all. We live alongside them barely noticing these days. 

Here’s a very bad photo of a Lesser Black Backed in the centre today – more common than pigeons! 


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