30 Days Wild – days 5-10! 

This blogging everyday lark is harder work than it looks.

Day 5 Fossil hunting on The Jurassic Coast

The weather was amazing on Day 5 – it got hotter and sunnier as the day wore on. We climbed across the rocks round the headland at Eype and hunted for fossils. Didn’t find much, but you just have to see that smooth tip of a belemnite glinting under the rocks to fire up enthusiasm again. A great way to get in touch with the wild and notice nature.


Day 6 Flowery Frontyard 

The frontyard is a riot of flowers at the moment. At the Bristol Harbour Festival last year Avon Wildlife Trust were giving away a tray of 6 plug wildflower plants. I took mine and planted them in the poor soil out the front of the house – but with lots of sunshine. Most of them have done amazingly well – especially the daisies. I’m not even sure what the others are – I should look them up really. It is a bee paradise out there at the moment, in particular the sage which has made a very good effort with flowering this year and is a big favourite. Once that has faded it should be about time for the lavender to open its flowers, and the poppies are just about to start too. There are sadly though, less bees than usual this year – I don’t know why. I know that for the past three years some garden bees have taken up residence in my neighbour’s extension roof just outside the back door, but they haven’t come this year.  Two of my friends report them setting  up home in their nest boxes though – just not near my house.

Day 7 On the Allotment

alottment1  alottment2

The broad beans are going great guns on the allotment. The ladybird a welcome sight to stave off some of the blackfly attacks (although they’re not too bad at the moment.)  It hasn’t rained for days and everything is very dry. I find myself in the surprising position of wanting it to rain, so everything has a good soaking. It’s hard work trekking up and down the very hilly site to the nearest water and lugging back cans full.

Day 8 In defense of bees

Day 8 is a bit of politicking – talking of bees. I posted a link to sign this petition launched by SumOfUs. It’s against the merger of Bayer and Monsanto, both global agribusinesses who already are attempting to force through further use of extremely toxic pesticides and the production of sterile seed, ensuring their market domination. It is a very dangerous merger. I always feel a bit ambivalent about online petitions and the prevalence of clicktivism in this age of social media – replacing actual action, but sustained negative publicity does have an impact on shareholders and on the decision makers in Europe and in this country. Have a read of SumOfUs’s intro to the petition at least, and sign if you can.