In the Dog House

I moved into this house just over 10 years ago, and in the November held my first ever Totterdown Frontroom ‘event’ here. We decided to do In the Dog House – partly because me and my friend that I was doing it with both love dogs, and partly because I had a ‘thing’ I’d made as part of my MA about our family dog. This was an interactive piece made in Director, including sound, family photos and short video clips, with all of the members of my family sharing their memories of the dog. Interesting because they were very personal to us (and different from each others) but at the same time quite universal to anyone who has had a family dog. I am currently trying (without much success, or to be fair, much effort) to rebuild this Director thing in Flash to put it in its entirety on the web. It has a lot of content which will need to be streamed and that’s something I don’t know much about.dogs

We invited others to contribute dog related items and even had a couple of guest appearances from local dogs. It was great, very enjoyable to put together. We also put out a pad of post its and asked people to share their dog memories – just as an aside. In the end the post its became a big part of the ‘exhibition’ and people were coming specially to share their pics and memories. We kept them all and stuck them in a sketch book, which I have just found in the bank holiday clearout. With the magic of the CamScanner app + Flipsnack I’ve made it into a flipbook which hopefully you can view on any device. It’s partly an experiment to see how easy it is to do as I think it would make a good classroom exercise, however Flipsnack is a subscription only service if you want more than 3 books and it includes a watermark on the embed coded one so probably isn’t really viable. Also it would appear that I can’t embed it on this free WordPress blog, although if anyone knows otherwise please let me know. Here’s a link to it.

In the Dog House

If you have any dog related memories you’d like to share, feel free in the comments. But be nice!


The wonders of Facebook

I posted the scanned photo in the previous post to Facebook to see if anyone recognised the people in the picture. Turns out that this little group here are my mum’s brother Tony and his family. One of his daughters, the one in the natty red shoes, remembers it. Even more bizarrely she remembers Tony introducing my mum and dad to each other from the dockside. He used to work on a casual basis for my grandfather (on my dad’s side) and so knew my dad. So even though they didn’t get together until they were in London, they had been introduced earlier. I guess that just goes to show how small Wellington was. And how handy Facebook is when you want to trawl back through your family….  Image