New Zealand sound

I’ve decided to put something New Zealandy and family related together for the Frontroon Art trail this year, including bits of video I shot whilst I was there intercut with photos that my mum and dad took on their (separate but at the same time) journeys over here in the late 50s. Of which, more later. It will include some soundscapes – this is the first one which I have also made to use as an alarm sound. It means I wake up to the sound of cicadas and tuis instead of my previous, hideous beeping alarm. The cicadas are peaking out a bit on this, although it’s fine as alarm sound. I’m going to have to improve my sound work… 

This one was made using two tracks sort of mixed (or put together at least) using Audacity. Even if you’ve never been to NZ I would recommend waking up to this, it’s lovely!

More about the arts trail here